TUC TIE Lab Research Associate at the Entertainment Group


Stylianos Kokkalis was born in 1984 in Thessalonica, Greece. He is a Visual Artist and Computer Scientist. He studied Fine Arts and Computer Science. Has for many years attended the painting studios of the painter Stergios Stamos and of Helias Kotsiras teacher of engraving in the National Fine Arts Academy of Greece in Athens, worked as teaching assistant of famous Magnum Agency’s photographer Stella Johnson for 5 years and worked together with Swedish artist Meta Issaeus Berlin for one large scale installation. He has received scholarships and several nationwide distinctions for his computer science and graphics work.

He has worked for Apple Inc. as a QA engineer, core UI designer of the iOS7 and OSX Yosemite and was part of the development team for Apple’s in-house software suite in 2014. Among others, he has designed the world’s fastest move generation processor in FPGA for man’s last unsolved game, the Japanese game Go, has designed the fastest Neural Networks training library in Common Lisp, has been the maintainer of Carnegie Mellon’s Garnet GUI interface in LISP for many years, has programmed an AI Haiku poetry generator, has designed the DBP application based on the theoretical work of Constantine Ouggrinis which generates a building report according to space needs and transformability factors by analysing one’s calendar, and messed with any conceived programming language from Assembly and Scheme to Haskell and Brainfuck for various large scale projects.

He currently does research on Augmented Reality environments as applied to experiencing art, Tactile User Interfaces, Transformable architecture and intelligent-responsive environments, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning while trying to learn Rachmaninoff’s 3rd Piano Concerto (Editor’s note: “a helpless homo-universalis”).