TUC TIE Lab Research Associate at the Fabrication Group, the Entertainment Group and the Educational Pla(y)ces Group

e:  mix_kantarzis@hotmail.com

Michalis Kantarzis graduated from the School of Architectural Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. Parallel to his studies, he participated in a number of international design workshops. His research thesis, titled Architecture as the design of the interface, analyses the concept of cyberspace as the design of a global interface and a method of approaching an architectural problem, implying the existence of a dynamic background that connects the user with the architectural result. The design of the interface is the element that provides the user with the potential of interaction with the architectural outcome and is accomplished through the “virtualization” of the synthetic process, instead of its “realization”. That said, the design of the “interface” concludes into being the design of an infrastructure, as a dynamic system of relationships, between its consisting elements. His design thesis, titled Temporary accommodation capsules in airports is a case study that explores the application of the aforementioned methodology, creating a spatial system of clusters, dubbed “cocoon spaces,” that create the possibility of personal appropriation for the users’ -the neo-nomads- needs.