TIE Lab Alumna


Kynthia is currently a PhD candidate in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design (LIPID) at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. She graduated with honors from the Technical University of Crete with a Professional diploma in Architectural Engineering (master degree equivalent) in 2014, receiving the Limmat Stiftung Excellence Award for her academic performance. Her research diploma project, "Memorigami", a prototype temperature-responsive shading system, was developed within the framework of TIE Lab in collaboration with Antigone Kampitaki under the supervision of K.A. Oungrinis. Memorigami has been presented in international conferences and received an innovation development grant from the 2013 University Student Entrepreneurship Project (UNISTEP). After her graduation, she worked in LIPID, developing a real scale prototype of an Arabic-inspired adaptive shading system which responds passively to direct sunlight, before starting her PhD. Her doctoral research focuses on the relationship between spatial contrast, daylight variability and view in regard to occupant preference and perception, aiming to broaden our understanding of the complex effects of daylight variability in the subjective experience of architectural space. She remains a steadfast member of the TIE team, aiming to address the impact of culture on the experience of daylight in countries with different latitudes. Her favorite (not related to architecture) things to do are pottery, reading, traveling and playing with her cats. She is also an avid D&D player.