TUC TIE Lab Research Associate at the Mediated Spaces Group

e: jaypaterak@gmail.com | url: www.iasonpaterakis.com

Iason Paterakis graduated from the Technical University of Crete with a degree in Architectural Engineering (2013). In 2014 he co-founded in collaboration with Konstantinos-Alketas Oungrinis "Sensar P.C.” a company focusing on transformable and sustainable environments as well as on the enhancement of existing spaces using augmented reality technologies. Since 2010, his interest in modern urban environments and the human interaction with(in) them, led to a series of interdepartmental workshops, visits, exhibitions and publications. A typical example is the AirPOTition project, which received an award at the University Student Entrepreneurship - UNISTEP PLUS program, at the Technical University of Crete, and is currently being developed and tested for wider applications. He has been actively involved in the development of the TIE Lab Hybrid Environmental Projection Platform which is designed to transform the learning experience in cultural and educational environments. He is also a practicing architect, maintaining his own architectural firm since 2013, specialising in  metal structures and novel architectural constructions. Overall, he is a person determined to find the source of happiness and make the people surrounding him also feel fulfilled. Pleasantly persistent and a perfectionist, he claims to have found a new way to heaven. FPS fanatic, adventurer and explorer with a really bizarre way of thinking. His love for music and cinematography are exponents of his "black" humor and mirror some aspects of his complex personality. His past connects the dots for a brighter future, where people, architecture, feelings and sensations become connected.