HEPP/ Hybrid Environmental Projection Platform

The Automatic Kinetic Theater project draws its inspiration from the ancient Greek Mobile Theaters. The project aims to foster the dissemination of theatrical cultures across multilingual educational communities worldwide toward the materialization of a collaborative theatrical play. The project's primary objective is to provide those communities with the techno-spatial know how and the tools to synchronously e-direct and asynchronously carry out a theatrical performance, using a hybrid multimedia platform, supported by the infrastructure of a transformable theatrical space. Students engaged with this project, will have the ability to plan the spatial arrangements of the stage, the actors' performance, as well as the audience's reaction according to a variety of theatrical traditions, like the ancient Greek semi-circular theater, the Chinese Empire and so on.


research team: Marios Christoulakis, Angelos Klothakis, Iasonas Paterakis, Natalia Avarikioti, Marilena Dimopoulou, Mariel Cremlis, Dimitris Koutsoumpas and Despoina Sapountzi 

Supervisors: Konstantinos- Alketas Oungrinis, Marianthi Liapi

Shots of HEPP v.02 @5th elementary school, Chania