TUC TIE Lab Research Associate at the Fabrication Group


Giorgos Lykos is an undergraduate student in the School of Architectural Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. His research interests focus on the area of transformable architecture, kinetic systems and the incorporation of notions such as movement and interchangeability from the larger possible scale to the fabrication of smaller structures, components of buildings or furniture. His major research concerns the customisation of individual work places (cubicles), the analytical recording of parameters that characterise an efficient and a user-friendly workstation and the ways that they can be used as design tools for office architecture through an open, cooperative process of design. He has extended knowledge on 2D and 3D software and graphic design (with working experience on the last one). He believes that the people who daily occupy a space should be given the means and open possibilities to restructure their living environment according to their needs and mentality. He also strongly believes in the necessity of analog tools, methods and approach for the designer in order to communicate her/his inner thoughts and visions. He has participated in many architectural workshops and competitions.