TUC TIE Lab Researcher, TA at the "Images of the Imaginary" Course


Despite being still in college, Fivos Kraniotakis has already acquired game-writing experience and has worked with various people in projects involving RPG-like writing and design. He has also been in charge of the first novelization of the Greek P&P RPG "Apocalypse." Currently he is working as an editor for the Greek magazine "F".  At the same time he is co-author, creator and designer of an experimental, interactive, new way of teaching which uses an innovative, educational platform based on Role-playing Games through play-learning techniques. Being a storyteller and a Game Master in many P&P RPGs for a long time, he loves making stories that are more than just another way of exciting one’s imagination, and this is the main reason why he has started exploring every possible option and every opportunity to become involved with more interactive ways of writing.