TIE Lab Alumna | Dipl. Architect-Engineer TUC
Graduate Student, School of Leisure | University of Gloucestershire, UK

e: elligkologkina@gmail.com

Elli Gkologkina graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. Currently she is a graduate student at the University of Gloucestershire School of Leisure, attending the Professional Studies in Children’s Play program. Her research interests deal with the psychological and spatial qualities that play offers to a person’s life, focusing on the concept of transformability. She is specifically interested in the design of educational environments. Her graduate thesis projects investigated the activation of public space within the contextual framework and the activity of play. She structured an urban design methodology, entitled Urban Entertainment (URB.EN.) methodology, by studying and analyzing the way children discover and experience public space in comparison to the Situationists’ Unitary Urbanism manifesto. Her architectural approaches adopt contemporary design techniques also seen through the filter of play, a major factor that is able to obtain a primitive daily quality of living due to its significant role in the development, expression, creativity and recreation of a person. Since 2013 she has been an active member in the organisation of the p-public urban festival in Chania. Her work at the TIE Lab has been presented at the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2013), in Athens, Greece and the 64th International Astronautical Conference (IAC 2013), in Beijing, China. She has also presented her personal research on urban entertainment at the Public Space conference (2011), in Thessaloniki, Greece and the 19th International Play Association World Conference (IPA 2014), in Istanbul, Turkey.  In 2015, her Many Happy re-Turns project was a Silver Winner at the IDA International Design Awards.