TUC TIE Lab Research Associate at the Habitation Group, the Entertainment Group and the Educational Pla(y)ces Group 

e: eleni.lio27@gmail.com

Eleni Lionaki graduated from the School of Architectural Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. Her research interests focus on new ways of dealing with architectural problems through user-oriented systemic approaches, coming from the thorough investigation of the life and work of Yona Friedman. Source of inspiration is generally the fascinating era of the psychedelic 60s, with all its utopian projects, giving food for thought about the possibilities of them being feasible today with the given and emerging technologies. Moreover, she has a soft spot for data visualisation through diagrams, design strategies for dynamic systems, relationships and connections, the understanding of the position of the user as an unpredictable factor of the design process, that led to her appreciation of mobility and transformable environments. Her design thesis, titled ARCH_TUC/2024: diffused and flexible architecture in the city, addressed the paradigmatic shift in architectural education today and proposed the strategic planning and development of an architectural education network, that meets today’s challenges, acting as an open platform – infrastructure of exchanging ideas. Personal identifiable characteristics: crazy about cats (active member of animal care), owns hysterical laughter.